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Resumes and Interviews with IMPACT
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Want That Job? If you are still using old-fashioned tactics when preparing your resume you need help! Today's work environment is nothing like it was when your parents were job hunting. It is more competitive than any other time in hisotry. Some positions have hundreds of applicants competing for just one position. What can you do? You could hire a professional to prepare your resume. You could also hire a pro to prepare a game plan for you follow when you attend an interview. Those are pretty expensive proposals, however. Preparing a powerful resume is crucial to landing the job of your dreams. But, how to do it? We have the answer and you can see it here, well documented in this eBook!

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The NEW Resume Guide
The NEW Resume Guide by Martin Wicks
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Out of Work? Need a job? Sadly, you are in good company. The number of unemployed workers just continues to spiral out of control. There doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Isn't it time you gave some thought to updating your resume? If you are still using the format your Dad, or even your Grandfather, used you are in serious trouble. If you look at your resume as an advertise ment, based on today's market, would you hire yourself? Pretty scary when you look at it like that. Listen, if you are using old, outdated methods to "spread the word" you are definitely fighting a losing battle. If your resume doesn’t hook the reviewer, they will go straight to the next one in the electronic stack they still have to check. You lost this opportunity to get an interview or any kind of follow-up. You can change this pattern. Find out how to in this eBook!

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