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The Golden Book of Proof
The Golden Book Of Proof by
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Are You Making These Advertising Mistakes? According to copywriter of 8,600 ads and sales letters, Brett McFall, 93.5% of business owners lose money on their advertising. And the figure is even higher when it comes to online campaigns. Mainly due, he says, to the lack of marketing knowledge by the business owner, not the poor performance of the advertising medium. But it can all be turned around very quickly, says McFall. In fact, one little wording change to an ad can increase response by as much as 3,148%. He is proven it. Which for some business owners could mean thousands of extra dollars that right they are losing out on. A change to the offer, for instance, can increase response by up to 300%. And McFall has many little techniques for achieving this. For more information on how he does this, grab a copy of this eBook!

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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas on the Net
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Who Stole Christmas? And how can we get it back? If your family traditionally celebrates the holiday season, chances are that right about now your blood pressure is rising, you are getting short with the people around you and you wish you were on some desert island away from all the stress. STOP! It does not have to be that way. Play a little game with me. Close your eyes for just a moment, take a deep breath and let your thoughts take you backward in time. Remember how excited you were when the first signs of Christmas began to appear? See if you can remember writing out your Christmas list in your squiggly block letters. How about when your Mom and Dad took you to see Santa Claus? Wow! You were so in awe that when your turn came to sit on his knee, you could not remember what you wanted to ask him. Every day was agonizingly long, stretching out longer and longer as you marked the calendar leading up to the big day. And what about Christmas Eve? You thought the day would never end and it was the only night of the year that you asked to go to bed early! After setting out the milk and cookies for Santa, you loudly proclaimed to the entire household that THIS year, you were going to stay awake and watch him slide down the chimney. Those memories CAN be recaptured, if you will just allow it. The Ultimate Guide To Christmas will guide you through the season and help you recapture some of those feelings. It is just a wish and a click away. Grab your copy of this eBook now!

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Your Diary of Gratitude
Your Diary Of Gratitude by
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Are You An Ingrate? Caught you, didn't we? No one wants to be considered an Ingrate unless your name happens to be Ebenezer Scrooge and it is Christmas Eve! But, have you ever thought about what it would be like to actually monitor your gratitude quotient? No? Well maybe you should be giving it some thought. Very serious thought. We are all at least a little bit aware of certain universal laws. We know that harbouring negative energy tends to attract bad things. Placing your attention on those around you tends to have people gravitate towards you. And so on. But have you ever given serious thought to how grateful you are for many of the gifts that you experience? Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Lots of people were in the same boat. Fortunately, they were introduced to a life-changing opportunity. And, that opportunity is waiting for just the right person at just the right time in their lives. Are you one of them? Find out now! Grab Your Copy Of This Invaluable Masterpiece of an eBook Today!

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Your Easy Guide to Tarot
Your Easy Guide To Tarot by
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Is It In the Cards? Do you consider yourself open minded? Do you wish there was a way to figure out what you should learn from your past successes and failures? Are you open to looking at a new way to gauge future opportunities? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you owe it to yourself to grab a copy of this well written eBook! Do not close your mind off and remain optimistic and you might just see some benefit for you!

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Your Power Numbers
Your Power Numbers by
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Knowledge is Power ...and so are numbers! Did you know that numbers affect your daily life? Sure, we used mathematics every day. But, aside from the mundane uses have you ever given any thought to how they influence every area of your life? Maybe you have heard about Numerology or maybe you haven't. There is an entire segment of society who follow their horoscope. In fact, just about everyone now likes to see how their horoscope reads on any given day. What many people are not aware of is how important numbers are in the grand scheme of their lives. If you have ever wondered how numbers influence your life, why not find out? Use the link above and see just how numbers can impact you and yours! You will be glad you did!

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BioLiving in a High Tech World
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You Cannot See Can Hurt You! Are you aware of the dangers lurking in YOUR home? We live in tenuous times. No longer can we afford to take our way of life for granted. Discover how all of our electronic gadgetry is slowly eroding your energy and could be poisoning your immune system. Learn why "what you can't see can hurt you." BioLiving In A High-Tech World teaches you about dangerous pathogens and reveals how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from life-threatening toxic water and food. Take the "How Toxic Are You?," questionnaire and learn the secrets that teach you how to fight back! Find out how to protect yourself, whether at risk of bio-pathogens, cancer, the flu, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, or any of a host of other diseases. Grab a copy of this eBook here now and regain control of your environment!

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Cheap Tricks and Tips
Cheap Tricks And Tips by
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Does Polly Really Want a Cracker? ...or perhaps it is something more? It is pretty obvious that we are talking about birds. More specifically, parrots. Have you ever had the occasion to visit with one of these exotic animals? If you haven't you are really missing out on a real treat. Not only are they beautiful but their intelligence is legendary. Maybe you have even given some thought to owning one of these most delightful creatures but need more information before making a decision. We have got just the thing for you. Learn more here, in this well written eBook. Get your copy now!

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Ezy Magic
Ezy Magic by
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You can be the hit of your next party! Headline at the kids' school talent show! Enjoy hours of quality time with your family! Get Ezy Magic Fun Book to make the occasion fun! Add this to your library or make it a favoured gift, today!

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Ezy Magic Fun Book
Ezy Magic Fun Book by
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You can be the hit of your next party! Headline at the kids' school talent show! Enjoy hours of quality time with your family! Get Ezy Magic Fun Book to make the occasion fun! Add this to your library or make it a favoured gift, today!

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Ezy Magic SHOWS
Ezy Magic SHOWS by
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Would you like to be a star? We can't promise you will be another David Copperfield. But have you ever wondered how those magicians astound us with their trickery? Or maybe you have always secretly aspired to holding "center stage" yourself! Amateur or Pro, we are here to tell you...yes, you can do it. Imagine creating, producing and starring in your very own Magic Show. Astounding your friends or family with your very own brand of "trickery." It could be that you just might step out from the crowd and go "pro." Whatever level of achievement you desire, you must get your copy of "EzyMagic Shows." Simply written by a professional magician, John Williams exposes all the tricks of the trade that you need to produce professional performances. If you have ever asked yourself what it would be like to perform onstage, astounding audiences young and old, you need to check this out. See this guide book here, you can get your copy today!

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